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Matthew Bell
Fayetteville/fort bragg
Comment from : Matthew Bell

Cailin Tamplin
I love your motion graphics, did you make them yourself?
Comment from : Cailin Tamplin

Clark Hardin
Y'all got Wegmans down there now :) moving from NY within the next year or two hopefully. Not sure what to expect but ready for a new chapter
Comment from : Clark Hardin

Colby Hill
Comment from : Colby Hill

Esayas Nida
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Comment from : Esayas Nida

Cloud Life
00:59 in Winston Salem I've been to that little place with the green roof it's old Salem
Comment from : Cloud Life

Snowy M
I want to find a small town in NC that is walkable and mostly safe. Not a suburb town. Anyone?
Comment from : Snowy M

J Smith
marlboro is from virginia. do your research.
Comment from : J Smith

Fernando Siordia
Thanks for this vid very insightful
Comment from : Fernando Siordia

Gregory Slade
Ppl hating on GSO, stay out the hoods 😂
Comment from : Gregory Slade

Adrian Xiong
Yes finally some love for North Carolina!
Comment from : Adrian Xiong

Trey Lewis
Greensboro is shit! Welcome to the city where 3 people die every night!
Comment from : Trey Lewis

Hamid Reza Nadi
I’m doing a state report on North Carolina
Comment from : Hamid Reza Nadi

Great video very accurate the comments!
Comment from : JULIO ENRIQUE

Nice .Good.😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : F G

You misspelled Raleigh
Comment from : CrashCalvin

Greenville is the best obviously
Comment from : TheChosen1KN

Kenyon Mc Clain
He didn't mention all those blood members in Raleigh
Comment from : Kenyon Mc Clain

Sherry W
Raleigh,NC is boring and there is crime here.
Comment from : Sherry W

Sherry W
All lies....Greenville, NC is bad
Comment from : Sherry W

Barry Wainwright
Home rentals in Asheville are too expensive
Comment from : Barry Wainwright

pluto bills
Go Pirates
Comment from : pluto bills

Viviane Cibeli
I Love Wilmington
Comment from : Viviane Cibeli

Sunshine pride
i’m moving to winston-salem next summer. i’m from swampscott mass...oop-
Comment from : Sunshine pride

Jake McDowell
Asheville yeah buddy!!!
Comment from : Jake McDowell

The Iron Force
I went to NC first time in my life this year for thanksgiving. I thought it was gonna stay in Charlote , but my friend host ( who I stayed with ) lived in concord the entire time. What a beautiful little farm town. Easy going . where would concord rank in this list ?
Comment from : The Iron Force

Alexis Becker
I'm looking to move back to North Carolina after being in California for 10 years. I telework so I can live wherever I like. I'm 35, recently divorced, no kids, and a good paying job. I'm looking at Raleigh but I'm not sure where I would fit best, style wise. I'm thinking of renting for a year then buying once I figure out where to be. Any ideas would be helpful!
Comment from : Alexis Becker

Charlotte has gotten to congested I lived there in late 90s loved it Now live outside Raleigh Love it
Comment from : C P

Kel 2Preme
How tf is Greenville here and I stay here?😂
Comment from : Kel 2Preme

Shibby Ro
Please dont move to Wilmington!!!!!!! WE ARE FULL !!!!
Comment from : Shibby Ro

Gary R
In the video Greensboro and Greenville come in at 6? Followed by Asheville at 5. Seems to be a numerical sequence error.
Comment from : Gary R

James Vanderpoel
Wtf are you smoking? I live outside Raleigh.....,,its a crime ridden shithole.......literally the 50 miles around it is a crime ridden shit hole......
Comment from : James Vanderpoel

Mara Klein
who tf calls Ashville the san fran of the south? The people from Ashville who have never been to san fran?
Comment from : Mara Klein

Gregory Slade
My home town of Greensboro (GSO)
Comment from : Gregory Slade

Henry Johnson
I live in GSO and its good
Comment from : Henry Johnson

John Labus
Uh, you spelled Raleigh incorrectly the first time.
Comment from : John Labus

Number 5 is the best ashville
Comment from : BIH BABY

Comment from : midstatemagic5

winston salem haha yay i love it.its the place that you will love the schools and everything
Comment from : SixTubergaming

Benjamin Azzoli
How's shelby n.c? Im looking at a job offer there
Comment from : Benjamin Azzoli

4:55 I've found many tech and pharma jobs in Raleigh area out paying Charlotte
Comment from : DSNCB919

adam christopher
If you’re thinking of moving to North Carolina, don’t. The state is full. No vacancies. I’m pretty sure the rain will strip the paint off of your car. Most of the drinking water is highly radioactive. Most of the roads are unpaved and impassable for days when it rains. Stay right where you are, trust me.
Comment from : adam christopher

Great footage!
Comment from : 336JOBS.C0M

The Blended Ginger
I grew up here trust me Greensboro and Winston suck I don’t know how they made this list the crime rates are extremely high and the cost of living is crazy expensive and there is drugs everywhere
Comment from : The Blended Ginger

Andrew Hayden Bridges
Where is number 4? Haha
Comment from : Andrew Hayden Bridges

Zenith Red
I plan on moving to NC in the coming months. I love Wilmington, where my girlfriend is from, but the hurricane issue on a yearly basis is really putting me off. Is Raleigh the best compromise between Charlotte (dreadful crime rate stats) and Wilmington (hurricane season) if you can afford living in a nice neighborhood?
Comment from : Zenith Red

Mr C U
Raleigh was spelled wrong
Comment from : Mr C U

Nicole Malara
Waxhaw, and/or Union County is amazing and the sole reason why my family and I moved to Charlotte from NY and why I now help people relocate just like we did to extremely lower taxes, sunny weather and clean environments!! Nicolemalararealty.com
Comment from : Nicole Malara

Move to Greenville, NC, for free money
Comment from : NinjaQwert

Sammie 2 Wheels
I your a Tar Heel fan what city should I live in or close by ..? I know not Raleigh or Durham 😂
Comment from : Sammie 2 Wheels

sam boogy
Comment from : sam boogy

sam boogy
Comment from : sam boogy

I was born in Winston Salem I've been raised in Harrisburg PA almost my whole life I visited NC a few times because I have a shit ton of family down there and now that I'm all grown up and shit I realize I don't fit in up here and will be moving back to Carolina real soon can't wait
Comment from : KVNG REEK

Where the hell is Durham?
Comment from : disracenboi336

Chris Guice
Outer Banks? Where did your info from? Stay the hell away from there. Don't even drive through.
Comment from : Chris Guice

Mount airy baby 💪🏼
Comment from : Scrappy

Tristan Shepherd
Bro I live in NC and I know that Greensboro sucks it is so populated and the people are so bad last time I was there someone ran to are car when we were parked and the kicked are car and then they flipped us of
Comment from : Tristan Shepherd

Gino Zarate
I live in Winston Salem NC
Comment from : Gino Zarate

Kennedi H
Winston Salem periodttt
Comment from : Kennedi H

Wolfie animates
0:57 I agree :O and I agree with all of these...not surprised all of these made it....YAY GREENVILLE MADE IT MRBEAST LOOK XD
Comment from : Wolfie animates

Michael Miller
Mount Airy?! Dull, ice storms in the winter, old fogey tourists all summer coming to see Floyd’s Barber Shop and pork chop sandwiches . Ugh.
Comment from : Michael Miller

Oak island whoop whoop. Nobody calls it Brunsco though.. lol.
Comment from : NattyJane

Slay 0ut
Hold up Durham has the highest crime rate for God’s sake there was a shooting this morning
Comment from : Slay 0ut

Yoselin Hinojosa
Ayee Winston Salem😍😌.
Comment from : Yoselin Hinojosa

The Pruitt Adventures
If you don't love mt.airy you are free to leave we won't miss you
Comment from : The Pruitt Adventures

Chaos A.D.
People are complaining about other people's lack of ability to drive well. I've been to every city on this list and it's the same everywhere just on a larger scale in the larger cities. The constant in all of these is that people are f**** stupid when they get behind the wheel of a car. It is a testament as to how well our roadways are designed that we don't have more wrecks than we do. You only have to go through the work zone on I-40 that goes through "Death Valley" and see about half the car's still doing 70 miles an hour or more to see how little regard for other people's safety people really have.
Comment from : Chaos A.D.

Terrence Hayes
Jacksonville NC is definitely in the top cities in NC
Comment from : Terrence Hayes

Jeredan Surgeon
Hahahahaha Winston-Salem.
Comment from : Jeredan Surgeon

Amber Cleary
Omg mount airy!!!!! Let’s go
Comment from : Amber Cleary

kg the great one
It's too freakin hot in North Carolina trust me I live in New Bern
Comment from : kg the great one

bobby green
There is a rash of this type of videos going around and they are nothing more than an attempt to get people moving here , to move in to a Democratic infestation of living hell , where if you vote republican, the machine just throws your vote out like a rotten potato.
Comment from : bobby green

al walker
Marlboro is made in Richmond Virginia. Winston-Salem is known for Camels, Winston, Salem etc.
Comment from : al walker

Ron Wells
Asheville NC, not a great place to live,I lived there 50 years.
Comment from : Ron Wells

You have two number 6 and no number 4. Makes sense since you went to school in NC 😂
Comment from : WeShallC

Jay B
Your list is really not accurate . You are either a transplant or did not do ur research for this video.. smh
Comment from : Jay B

Mr. Incredible
Charlotte should have been number 1. Not only is it the biggest city. It has a NFL team, NBA team, Light rail system, Best community college in the state, UNCC, Queens and Davidson university in the county. Carowinds theme park. The most restaurants. The most bars. The most diversity. Businesses that stay open 24hrs. And the most shopping.
Comment from : Mr. Incredible

I’m Not a Troll Page
I’m born and raised in Bolivia (Brunswick County) and it’s definitely not referred to as Brunsco....nice video non the less
Comment from : I’m Not a Troll Page

Charlotte Walker
I live in Raleigh!! Let’a just say it has everything, except beaches... it has parks and is really easy to drive.
Comment from : Charlotte Walker

Lady Goji
Hahaha, most of the cities and towns mention in this list are horrible! Especially Charlotte!!
Comment from : Lady Goji

Kaitlyn Ring
Comment from : Kaitlyn Ring

Cassi Kiley
I live near Raleigh!!😂😂But I new that my city wouldn’t make it bc it’s kinda small
Comment from : Cassi Kiley

Dear everyone Raleigh-Durham the triangle region is getting a little overpopulated slow down!
Comment from : 910.Keith

Connie Crawford
Living in a high - cost suburb of any of these cities is definitely different from living in the inner city! There are lots of golf-course ‘burbs where life is good. Many people who live 10-20 miles outside of these cities seldom go “downtown” except for special events - concerts, sport games, museums, etfc. We buy all our food and necessities in our neighborhood stores. We do have to use the interstates, though, so just try to avoid rush hour!
Comment from : Connie Crawford

Anonymous 8675309
Totally off topic but I'm surprised Burnsville didn't make it. Here's why I love Burnsville.. 1). Absolutely stunning mountain views 2). 0 traffic. 3) Close to Asheville. 5) Super friendly people. 6) If you're an outdoorsy person, so much to do. You will not be bored.
Comment from : Anonymous 8675309

Raven Elizabeth
How Winston make it 😭👎. Only good thing here is jobs. We have too much crime.
Comment from : Raven Elizabeth

Artty 1975
Greenville's a fucking dump!
Comment from : Artty 1975

EastSide Eddie
Can you explain how Charlotte is on both a best place and a wort place list? Who wants to live in a city with that much crime?
Comment from : EastSide Eddie

steven sowers
NO ONE (local or otherwise...) calls it Brunsco....
Comment from : steven sowers

Fred Sloan
never move to north Carolina its nothing but corrupt cops courts lawyers insurance companies government
Comment from : Fred Sloan

Jessica Broderick
I don’t understand how Greensboro made it!! Yeah employment is high but crime is horrible here! Especially near all the universities.
Comment from : Jessica Broderick

Timothy Robinson
Jokes on you the entire state sucks, stop trying to spice it up
Comment from : Timothy Robinson

I live in Mt.Airy NC..was born here,& I will say that if u have never been here it's a decent lil spot to come check out if ur on a day trip w grandparents...Crime & drugs are takin over our little town...Alot of the ppl that have retired & moved here are now wishing they never came...

Devin X
Okay to sum this up don’t come here 😂 NC is a place for people to settle down at. I you’re someone hoping to go somewhere and establish themselves and/or grow, this just isn’t the spot. Maybe Charlotte or Raleigh ifbyou get lucky but other than that, just go somewhere else
Comment from : Devin X

Nags Head is beautiful and a wonderful place to vacation. Brunswick County and Wilmington are also wonderful. Durham is way too political, and the school system is struggling terribly, I don't advise it if you have school age kids. (Lived there 20 years and watched the public schools almost tank because of poor student behavior, lack of parental involvement and low teacher moral. Chapel Hill and Cary are better for schools.
Comment from : dede4004

I live out in the countryside, in Nash County. I moved away from Charlotte in '81, due to its high crime rate and never want to live in a city again. You all can have the urban areas! I'll take rural Eastern NC.
Comment from : 1redrubberball

Rob Thompson
I would of thought Atlantic Beach North Carolina would be in the top 10...but who am I to say lol
Comment from : Rob Thompson

Dunn in the house?
Comment from : J R

Stuart Alexander
We live in Raleigh; I've been here for 25 years and fell in love with it. It's beautiful, low crime, expensive by NC standards......but having spent many years out in California, not THAT expensive. High tech; surprised you didn't mention IBM as a huge employer out here since it's the largest IBM campus in the world. Fantastic place, and I've lived all over the U.S. in my 63 years.
Comment from : Stuart Alexander

Soggy Cookie
NC is boring don’t come here
Comment from : Soggy Cookie

John Fullwood
Nags Head is nice. Asheville has become little sanfransico, it’s finished, too many brain dead’s from California.
Comment from : John Fullwood

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